My Thoughts about :D

I have this Website now for over 1 year and i made 12 Posts…
That’s… well… what should i say?

But! one big Project I wanted to do was bringing this blog to live :) So here we go 😀

We start a new Thing on this Blog and its called:
My Thoughts about….

And this will be my opinion about everything that comes in my mind.

I will write my own personal thoughts about different topics. So if you don’t agree or something like that that’s fine :)

I hope you will like it and i see you then in the next entry:D

Take care of Yourself :3


Ich habe diese Website nun länger als 1 Jahr und habe bisher nur 12 Einträge hier gemacht…

Nun… was soll ich sagen?

Aber! Ein großes Vorhaben von mir ist, dass dieser Blog zum Leben erweckt wird 🙂 Also… legen wir los 😀

Wir starten ein neues Ding hier auf diesem Blog und es wird heißen:

Meine Gedanken über…

Und das wird meine eigene Meinung über alles sein was mir gerade im Kopf herumspinnt.

I werde über verschiedenste Themen aus meiner eigenen Sicht schreiben. Also wenn ihr meiner Meinung nicht zustimmt ist dies vollkommen okay 🙂

Ich hoffe ihr werdet mein neues Projekt hier mögen und wir sehen uns dann wieder im nächsten Blogeintrag 😀

Passt auf euch auf :3



We start with my first Channel 😀 ojfsrff
It startet on the 9th of January 2015. It´s a Gaming Channel and my little Baby 😀
States today (12.04.2016) are 14.988 views, 999 subs and 515 videos 🙂
So with this Channel i´m on YouTube now for over one year 🙂
It was in the very beginning just a little fun thing i wanted to do because i was bored and was searching for a new hobby in my life.
Now over 1 Year later i think about it differently. It became a very big thing in my life. Its not just a hobby anymore for me. Don´t get me wrong i don´t live from it. So i don´t earn enough Money to quit my job and become a full YouTuber. Thats why i wouldn´t call myself a YouTuber. Because for me these are people who can live there life with the earnings from YouTube.

BUT! My little Wonders (the Subs around me) became such a big thing for me. I really love it when they write me comments, like a video or write me a PM. They are so cute, nice and awesome people around me and i never thought that this community would become such a big thing for me.
My Thought about my first Channel is:
I will never miss it again. And thanks to that i met some awesome people, i played video games i never thought i would play, i learned so much and i just love my life on YouTube 🙂

ojfsrff 2

Check it out and maybe even subscribe and become a part from our community right here :

Gaming-Channel 😀

My Second Channel 😀

It started on the 28th of March 2016. It´s a Vlogging Channel and my second little Baby 😀
States today (12.04.2016) are 392 views, 15 subs and 56 videos :)

The 56 videos until now are Reuploads 😀
Until Friday the 15th it there will be 9 more Videos and from Saturday the 16th there will be new content.

So why did i make a second Channel?
You can check the answer out in this video :)
Answer 😀

Now that that is out-of-the-way let´s talk about this channel.
Like you can see in the picture under this text, i upload a lot of different topics on this channel.
I never wanted to be just one thing on YouTube. Yea it would be easier to be one thing on YouTube because you can focus so much better on that. But! I always wanted that my Channel on YouTube represents me.

And I´m always going in 10 directions at the same time xD so that’s why this channel is becoming such a big thing for me because right there i can connect with you. Show you all of my personality and just be me.

In a game you always have content you can build your commentary on top. By this channel i really have to think about what i want to upload and I can be more creative with editing ^w^

My Thought about my second Channel is:
I really love it and i want it to grow and make people all around the world smile :)


Check it out and maybe even subscribe and become a part from our community right here :

2nd Channel 😀

So that´s it for today 🙂

Take care of yourself ❤



My Thoughts about Kawaii Box February 2016

In the February Kawaii Box was:

– Little Pearls to make your own Chains
I will use them for decoration and Cosplay 😀

– A super beautiful letter with envelope 😀
I really loved this one its so kawaii 🙂 I will send it to a super nice person from postcrossing 😀

– Stickers
Well… if you know me than you know that i love stickers…
Stickers are like the best thing in the world. BUT! i stopped myself from putting them on my face because i really want to use them in Streams, Postcrossing, Dekoration and so on 😀

– Greentea and Chocolate Cookies
OMG. They´re so yummie! (do you see the look on my face? I love it XD i had to take this screenshot XD)
I would defently eat them again *.*

– Paperclips
I really loved this little kawaii paperclips. I have a timeplaner full with decoration and stuff I don’t really need on their (but it is were it belongs XD). Loved them. Nothing more to say to that XD

– Ice-Cream Fish Keychain (Telephone?) Thing
That was something I don’t really know what i should think about XD
I really like keychains and stuff like that but this thing? I don’t know… mäh….

– DIY Ballon-Set
(That Face though XD I love taking screenshots from my videos XD)
I still haven’t used this one but i´m excited to try it out. AND i will film that XD so if be excited for that XD

– DIY Keychain
That was awesome! I can’t wait to find the time to finally do this! I never did something like that before but i really want to try it! I will let you know in another video if I did it XD

– Sheep Pencil
That´s such a cute pencil *.* I gave this one to my best friend because she always gets something too from the kawaii box 😀 And it writes black so that belongs to her haha

– Little Bag
That’s the cutest little bag i saw in a long time! I have so many little bags here in my apartment its rediculas ! XD BUT i really love them and every single one has something inside. In this magical little thing i still think about what i want to put inside 😀

– Plushie
OMG Moomins! My best friends loves this show and i really loved giving this to her 😀 She was super happy about it 😀

So that was all what was inside the Kawaii Box from February 😀
I really loved this one and just one thing was a little weird and i didn’t know what to do with it.

If you want to check out my reactions to Unboxing this Subscribtion Box click on this Video 😀

My Thoughts about the Kawaii Box:
I love that Box so much! So i would say: Sucsess 😀 Defently worth my money 😀




My Thoughts about Kassel 😀

So i was in Kassel in Germany on the 14th of Mai this year and i wanted to share my experice with you x3

So here we go 😀

I went together with my best friend 🙂

The Weather was way too cold for the clothes i had choosen XD

First we went to a Little something called „Herkules“

Here is a Link for it so that you can see what exactly it is:

It was beautiful ! The Way up was horrible XD But it was totally worth it 😀

Then we went in the City and searched for the Planetarium but it was nowhere to be found. So we ended up seeing this beautiful Landlord-House. It was freaking amazing and i wish we had time to go inside and look at everything but we didn´t.

After that we went to an Italien Restaurant and i got this awesome Pasta. It was so yummie ^w^

So yeah my thoughts about Kassel are:

When you have the Chance to visit you should definitely do that 😀 Its awesome for Sightseeing BUT put on good shoes you can easily walk up a tiny mountain XD